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Personal Branding

A personal branding answers the question what kind of values you as a business owner bring to the table. A personal brand is not something you create from scratch but is more a thorough investigation of who you have. are and promise to be in real life. All your actions, private and business wise, are an expression of you as a persona and therefor for your personal brand. Your personal brand can develop and change over time but the core values of your personal brand are very close to who you are being in essence which is a permanent given of your persona. The Fourth Way Philosophy has extensive material deepening this very fundamental topic. People have a personal brand even if they do not have a business.

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As stated above, personal branding is a crossroad between personal values that you also endorse in your personal live aswel as in your business. Therefor you have two options if you want to explore this topic any further.

Please go to my philosophical consult page for a more general philosophical approach. Or dive in with a business consult that looks a the topic purely from a business perspective